Pastor D

New Pastor DDwight Dobbins was born and raised in the city of Detroit. He attended and graduated from the Detroit Public Schools. Upon graduation he attended Michigan Barber College and became a barber for a short period of time. After Dwight found out that barbering was not his passion, he found his way to the rough streets in the city of Detroit. He ran with the ballers, hustlas, and players. While he was in this era of his life he realized something was missing. Dwight had obtained much popularity and much fame in the streets, he had anything money could buy from houses, cars, etc. but he still realized he was not safisfied. The void in his life led him to receive Jesus Christ. While Dwight was on his path to a changed life he met his soon-to-be queen….Princess. Together they began to pursue a relationship with our Lord and Savior. As things began to unfold in Dwight’s life he walked into entrepreneurship. Dwight has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with a very successful real estate company and dealership, and many other businesses that he oversees with his wife.

Dwight has over 13 years in ministry. Dwight and his wife, Princess Dobbins have been called to five-fold ministry, where they walk and operate in the Gifts of the Spirit. They are anointed to teach and they are anointed to be givers in the Body of Christ. Dwight and Princess believe that they have been called to the lost souls that have been hurt, and have given up on the church. Dwight and Princess endeavor to love the people of God, uplift, encourage and to empower them with the Word of God.

Dwight and Princess Dobbins have 3 beautiful children: Dwight, Jr., Princess and Prince Dobbins and they are locked and loaded with the Word of God.